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The TL;DR version of what’s happening in Belarus: Alexander Lukashenko has been in power for a quarter-century, sustaining the legitimacy of his rule through rigged elections and Soviet-style equality of misery. In the presidential election last week against tough challenger Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, “it appears likely that, if they were actually counted, Tsikhanouskaya would prove the winner,” according to Masha Gessen in the New Yorker. Instead, Lukashenko was declared the winner by an absurd vote margin amid accusations of widespread fraud, a media crackdown and Tsikhanouskaya fleeing the country.

Currently there are reports that Russia has dispatched military columns to the border of Belarus, and has pledged to help Lukashenko "protect democracy." Putin himself recently enjoyed an election win, with a believable 105% of the democratic vote.

Lukashenko himself has not been popular with Russia's government, however, and was most recently invited to Russia for an event where he and his young son were treated like guests in the movie "Dinner for Schmucks." I would not be surprised if Russia's ultimate plan for Lukashenko ends up the same as Yanukovych, whose whereabouts are not exactly known.


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I swear to my lord and savior Jesus Crust that I was going to make this exact same thread. wasabi, we got a connection, and I hope you don't forget that. We're brothers.

Anyways. He's a dead man.


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I think he is starting to realize russia isn't backing him like they used to. They paid 50% of the actual price for oil, that went up a few years ago to 80% and in 2025 they will pay the full 100%.
Also just in the news here: he ordered American oil for the first time since he came in power.
This could get real ugly.

Edit: He visited one of the factories, where he normally gets support from the workers. They were calling for his resignation.
(I'm sure it can be described better than I did but my english skills are limited when it comes to law and political issues)
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Did he actually say to the workers that they'll need to kill him before there's another election?


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Is any member of the the current American administration even condemning the Belarus President’s actions?