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    WTB - Neo Geo Pocket Color battery cover, any color.

    Unearthed my Neo Geo Pocket Color and eBay is extremely useless. I'd just buy a new one, but, me and that thing have been through some good times together :( what about a 3D printed option?
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    Got this e-mail from neo geo, Warning!!! Nazi pedophile ring on gaming forums

    Holy jesus what is this happy horse cock. Good to see the community still alive and kicking. Well, alive enough to piss off someone so hard they take to petty internet crime. If there is such a thing.
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    Samurai Shodown V Special coming to PS2

    They need to do a port of this to the Watara Super Vision edit: I'M WRITING MY LETTER RIGHT NAO.
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    X-men and NeoBitz

    does the encoder work with other boards?
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    Sanwa buttons

    I'm modding a CPS Fighter stick and 24mms are the only buttons that fit. Same with old style neo sticks. So, FWIW... I'd rather have the option of black sanwas.
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    Sanwa buttons

    that's vaguely retarded on Sanwa's part. Now I know my HRAP2 SA is even more special though.
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    Sanwa buttons

    Only in 30mm varieties. Although tht's going to change soon since they have produced 24mm start/select buttons for Hori for the HRAP2 SA.
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    Which Happ Joysticks should I get for my cabs?

    Comps, but I would give the P360 a look.
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    Star Fox games beyond SF64

    Get t3h r0m of the SF2 beta and the Broadcast Satellaview SF2.
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    Primitive Alien Life May Exist, Stephen Hawking Says

    uh non story. Famed astrophysicist makes profoundly fantastical YET reasonable statement. Call me when there's a real story to be had.
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    ALIENS built the pyramids (links included)

    hate? He hates truth and science. I just don't like BS pseudoscience.
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    ALIENS built the pyramids (links included)

    Fuck Graham Hancock. Fuck him up his stupid ass.
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    If I wrote a script about... oh snap, wizkid moronathon.

    Something to keep in mind. The reason why Clerks worked was that there was an underlying drama underneath that could've taken place sans comedy. The comedy did help and it helped push the plot along until we saw the final conclusion. That being said, if you can tell a dramatic story about the...
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    Any fans of Smallville here?

    by my count, superman is on the closer side of a century old. let him DIE.