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    Inbox is full. Just sent payment. When your inbox is clear I can send shipping info.
    I have a decent amount of Wii stuff.

    I actually have a huge Japanese Wii bundle, totally complete with the original box and original contents, with 3 Japanese Wii Games (Naruto anime fighters) and 3 JPN Gamecube games (1 Bleach anime fighter, Starfox Adventures and Mario Sunshine).

    I'd be willing to do partial trade + money for the set.

    If you're interested in American stuff, I have a black Wii-mote motion plus and Sonic Colors and Super Paper Mario.

    Interested in both games, although I'm interested more in MVC2 than Isuka. I dunno, lemme know if any of these piques your interest!
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ElecMan wrote on WilalvesBR's profile.
Hi, I saw your YouTube video where you displayed your MegaMan the Power Battle Rental Board. Would you be intereswd in selling it? I can make you an offer. Thanks

Olá, vi seu vídeo no YouTube em que você exibiu seu MegaMan, o Painel de aluguel do Power Battle. Você estaria interessado em vendê-lo? Eu posso te fazer uma oferta. Obrigado
Sylvie wrote on Mr.Bojangles's profile.
Fuck you
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SNKGalSimp wrote on Mai_Lover's profile.
Hi there, I am a Mai fan too and I just joined.