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    Going to buy a 4k TV. Help me, my people!

    "for the money"?...sorry man, Sony will never (and has never) qualified for that title. They make good stuff, but their price never qualifies for "bang for the buck" awards. There's also always the the finicky Sony issues to deal with as well. Their TV's have never been known for being rock...
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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    been back a few weeks but this is my official "im back" post. lurk o rama.
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    Top 5 shooters (or 10...5 of each OK)

    HOLY SHIT neither did I!!! thanks for pointing that out!!!! im digging this out right now to oogle that cover.
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    For Sale: NES 3DSXL

    damn that's a good deal!!!!!
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    Import Games and Reproductions, Lots SFC/SS/PS1/PS2/PS3/DC

    ill take karous and night stalker
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    Hardcore Metal Fans Get Your Ass In Here!!

    drugula is my jam.
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    The Mother Fucking Book Thread (No Comics Allowed)

    currently reading the malazan book of the dead series.....good stuff but pretty dense when it comes to characters(more so than a song of fire and ice series). good shit tho.
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    How long will this amiibo craze last?

    yet another Nintendo gimmick aimed at fan boys.....sigh.
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    zero gunner 2 or under defeat?

    ive always felt the same about zg as well.
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    zero gunner 2 or under defeat?

    you guys def have persuaded me to dump more time into UD. thanks gents. on a related note ive also been playing alotta canon spike and it feels similar to ZG for some reason.
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    zero gunner 2 or under defeat?

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    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    zero gunner and cannon spike. lotsa dc jamming here as of late.
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    Top 5 shooters (or 10...5 of each OK)

    sengoku blaede