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    Neo Geo X Gold System details and price announced!

    I'm still waiting to see the extent to which the device can be hacked (mainly to resolve its shortcomings) before I make my mind up on whether or not it's worth purchasing.
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    What the crap is this ebay?

    Don't "sell" anything on eBay you can't afford to lose/give away.
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    Man Has Life Savings Baked In Oven

    The fact that his wife was unaware of the cash hoard's existence and placement leads me to suspect the husband was stashing (albeit in a foolhardy location) cash money he could effectively keep hidden during a divorce proceeding.
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    1996 McDonalds Hamburger
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    Steam Summer Sale

    Is Rage worth picking up at 40% off?
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    For some reason I want buy a Sega Saturn?

    If you're looking for a reason to be dissuaded from buying one, here it is: you'll be required to lay out quite a bit of cash in order to acquire the titles which make the system worth owning.
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    Video Gaming and Materialism: What are your thoughts?

    I liquidated my collection in its entirety between the years of '06 and '08. I haven't been tempted to reacquire any of it since that time.
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    Watches! Calling khyron!

    It's time for a Rolex Yachtmaster joke.
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    making money off of the black Friday lines?

    Because they lack the requisite intelligence required to make a rational economic choice.
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    An initiation ritual for becoming a legendary member here?

    Anything involving a realdoll will vault you into the rarefied stratum of the elite.
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    I have the best wife ever.

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only person on this earth calloused enough to feel similarly.
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    Any idea who's collection this is? -- Massive Ebay Auction--

    Speaking from experience, huge collections like this should never be sold as a lot. The seller probably isn't encumbered by anything time consuming, (a life, a job, etc.) so there's no reason why he shouldn't maximize his profit potential and ability to liquidate the items by slowly piecing out...
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    So.... I got let go from my job today

    The only degrees worth pursuing these days are ones that focus on hard quantitative skills or that grant you entrance into an under-served field with rigid licensure requirements. Everything else is highly oversaturated.
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    Steve Jobs has 6 Weeks to Live?

    If your "asshole" has "lips," then you must have a very unique anatomical make-up.