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    Very nice mod!
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    Blast City Club

    Glad to see this thread still going strong!
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    Love the tub!
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    Holy!@# awesome deal!
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    Blast City Club

    I've had my monitor out of mine for so long now, I'm kind of in a paralysis. Scared as fk I'm gonna screw something up. Lol!
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    Blast City Club

    I got so burned on hardware issues that I had to take a long break. Glad to see this thread is still alive and kicking! My next big project is to buff the scratches out of the monitor. This should be good... lol
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    Blast City Club

    The 2931 is the bitch goddess that giveth and taketh away. After I popped mine (user error, not chassis) never was able to get it working and it was seen by the top dog, Jomac who swore up and down that there was nothing wrong with it. Several cab swaps here in the states prove that it is...
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    Thanks. Based on what I've spent to get it to the point that it is at, I'm losing money at that price.
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    Clean Blast City converted from a Bass Fishing. Clean cab, BF bracket removed and all holes capped. Both speakers work. Marquee light works. Original BC creme coinslot. Working coin mech with original BC coin bucket. Repro instruction sheet and marquee placeholder (blue part). Original Sega...
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    Top 10 Neo games, (no fighters, no slugs, no shumps)

    I gotta ask. Who is your avatar? :)
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    What are you listening to at the moment?

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    ken @ thegameroom

    I've got a very good+ Blast City converted from a Bass Fishing for sale if anyone is interested.
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    Blast city monitor appears dark

    Blast City's come with Nanao monitors, don't they? What is causing yours to stick out too far?
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    Makvision 25" monitor power cord...

    I got a Rodotron that had a 3-prong power cord. Out of the other end, it terminated in 2 wires going to a molex connector and one wire that had a loop connector that you would bolt onto the frame. My Blast City power at the chassis had two wires for power going into the same size molex...
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    I liked the original. Couldn't get into the other two after that though.