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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    Seems I've missed this thread for the last 3 years or so, but I watched a few videos and subscribed. Good work!
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    50 Shipped* Sale

    I've been scammed by Floridians twice. Once was on this site. No joke. Tom Petty rocks :buttrock:
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    YOUR Jam of Summer 2017!

    Is this amazing? I've had mixed experiences with EHX. Are you going to CAX?
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    Kids and mature content

    I'm with you.
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    MVS-U4 Candy Cab restoration!

    Damn Moffitt, I had no idea! The cab is looking great. The MV-U4 brings back so many good memories. Definitely a warm-fuzzy cab.
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    (FS) Taito Vewlix F and FC (12 Terminals ), Taito Stools - MATSU SALES THREAD!

    Hanging out with Matsu is worth the purchase. For this reason alone, pick them up in person if at all possible. LEGEND.
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    (TRADE DONE) WTT- CPS2 tower of doom. (or wtb ST board)

    Don't do it!!! Those games are all way too cool, or at the very least, better than D&D.
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    "Girlfriend's" texts lead to suicide - really!?!?

    If she just called him up and told him the same thing, she'd have no problem. Well, she'd have problems, but nothing like this.
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    Trump.... buys new Beach Front Condo... in...

    Thanks for the NPR article. A similar barrier is planned around Treasure Island for the upcoming renovation. I think they're just waiting for the next big San Francisco earthquake to do the demolition work for them. Some say we should let the sea reclaim the island.
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    Trump.... buys new Beach Front Condo... in...

    Everybody has been waiting for California to fall into the ocean but if you look at the models of projected sea level rise in the United States, it's Florida that'll be underwater. Shame really, but hey, it's what they voted for.
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    Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite - Story DEMO

    Story mode is what I'm looking forward to the most this time around. Gameplay doesn't seem too much different than MVC3 (save for the 1 button combos) so the more "that's what she said" jokes they can put in the game the better it will be.
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    RGB mod for Core Grafx II

    Alternatively, the dbGrafx Booster will do it mod-free.
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    Holy Crap!! AM2R Metroid II Released!!!

    I'm really getting into this. It's great. Played the demo probably a year ago and I'm so glad to see it as a full game. Currently at 22%
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    NBA Playoffs

    Hey guys, what does frontrunner mean?