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  1. KOF XII @ Portland, Oregon
  2. KOF98 Ultimate Match Xbox 360 Achievements
  3. JPN adopting April Fool's Day? (Star Radish on MVS this summer?)
  4. KOF XII for XBOX 360 Street Date broken...
  5. Wanted- Call Of Duty 4 Xbox 360 $30 shipped
  6. KoF XII on Evo?
  7. FYI: Metal Slug 7 $14.99 at Gamestop, part of "Game Days" sale
  8. Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2
  9. KOF XII Movelist
  10. GameTrailers ranks KOF 7th best fighting game... using mugen vids. SamShodown 3rd
  11. SSVS in Samurai Shodown Anthology for PSP.... kinda
  12. KOF '98 Ultimate Match for PS2
  13. New KOF Revenge Arcade rules or the ones we have?
  14. Congrats to frazer99 for being in this months "Retro Gamer"
  15. KOFXII impressions
  16. SamShoSen, KoF2k2UM, MotW, and KoF Sky Stage coming to 360
  17. King of Fighters Skystage - A KoF Shmup
  18. Retro Gamer Issue 62 - 8 page Metal Slug & 2 page Windjammers
  19. King Of Fighters Fanart Contest
  20. King of Fighters MMORPG
  21. Darkstalkers Tribute
  22. KOF Fandom To FALCOON: Take A Hike!
  23. KOF2K2 Ultimate Match to XBLA, Maximum Impact Regulation A2 still coming
  24. KOF 2002 Unlimited Match coming to arcades!
  25. KOF12 arcade sticks coming for PS3
  26. US KOFXII website live - art contest!!! PICK US BOX ART THRU MAY 22
  28. SNK Playmore interview - Part 1
  29. Garou MOTW coming for xbox live.
  30. Metal Slug 3 featured on Screw Attack's Video Game Vault
  31. KOF XII tournament
  32. Neo Geo Stick 2 for PS3
  33. Wrote a little piece for Racket Boy.
  34. Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny (video)
  35. New(?) King of Fighters Online trailer w/ gameplay
  36. Interview with the Mastermind Behind the UNIBIOS, Razoola.
  37. KOF XII impressions - The KING is back in HD - Winner of best Fighting Game E3 2009
  38. Why does KOF XII suck so much? (Was "So KOF XII is delayed?")
  39. Writers wanted
  40. Possible KOF XIII Sprites (New Standing Poses and New Chars)
  41. KOFXII disk data reveals all story characters and boss spoilers!
  42. MVS Price Guide Updated! + New Section Coming Soon!
  43. Definitive Neo GEo AES top ten
  44. MVS Kit Price Guide is UP!
  45. Patch for KOF XII up for PS3!
  46. Special Retro Gamer offer for US subs
  47. Neo Geo Images required
  48. Sam Sho : Edge of Destiny New Trailer
  49. PSPgo and SNK
  50. New Metal Slug game for PSP
  51. Adventures coming to North America
  52. Anyone have news on KOF 98 UM New arcade version (hero)?
  53. 'Rot is featured on Kotaku
  54. Dancing Rot on Break
  55. KoF MI (PS3/360) and KoF MIRA2 (PS2) Canceled
  56. Neo*Geo Online Collection box sets on the way
  57. KOF: The Movie: The Trailer: The Disaster
  58. Mai Shiranui In KOF: Sky Stage
  59. Patch for KOF XII up for 360! 10-29-09
  60. Can anyone confirm whether US KOF XII 360 is compatible with a Japanese 360?
  61. Rumor: Ray Young (!Arcade!) is back?
  62. SNK Arcade Classics 0
  63. Gamestop selling DLC
  64. Xbox Live Sets Record with 2 Million on at Once
  65. RETRO GAMER magazine #70 - Neo Geo AES retrospective
  66. INTERVIEWS with Shawn and GAME LORD Chad Okada - October 2009
  67. Brikin'ger/Iron Clad Coming To The Wii Virtual Console
  68. KOF XII music downloads on XBL
  69. Opinions on all the PS2 port collections
  70. Among others, Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum coming to XBLA
  71. Metal Slug Touch Coming To The iPhone
  72. Atlus USA announces Metal Slug XX for PSP
  74. Rumor: Ignition Entertainment Giving Up On SNKP? Atlus USA To Take Over?
  75. Portable Neo Geo gaming
  76. KOF Sky Stage arcade release date announced : January 22nd
  77. KOF '95 coming to the Wii Virtual Console
  78. Taito Type X2 Hacked to run on Windows.
  79. New SNK fighter coming out?
  80. NEW Neo Geo shooter from NG:Dev-Team!
  81. Fast Striker, a NEW Neo Geo vertizontal shooter from NG:Dev Team!
  82. Last Hope: Pink Bullets by NG:DEV Team coming to MVS format this year (2010)!
  83. Neo Geo Music Video, a.k.a. "Four Bright Buttons & Two Joy Sticks"
  84. Screw Attack does a Neo Geo music video
  85. Please delete
  86. (Versus City) King of Fighters 13 at AOU?
  87. Neo Geo Museum
  88. SNKP announces KOF XIII
  90. Neo Geo titles may be coming to PlayStation Network
  91. Fatal Fury Special is on the Wii VC
  92. SNKP USA site re-done
  93. Samurai Shodown Sen US release - March 30
  94. Just When You Thought SNKP's Credibility Couldn't Sink Any Lower...
  95. Clear Neo Geo CD System & Debug Donation Thread
  96. Brikinger Neogeo AES, is this true?
  97. Top 8 most expensive video games (CNN)
  98. Neo Geo Museum 20th anniversary website and t-shirt
  99. KOF XIII New Character Prediction Thread
  100. Garou 2? -- SNKP launching NEW/Updated Garou: Mark of the Wolves?!
  101. Capcom Vs. SNK 3 announced?!?
  102. Who Wants SNK Gals Sudoku?
  103. Full Metal Slug Manga To Debut This Fall
  104. Holy $#%^!...Ironclad on US Virtual Console!!!
  105. samurai showdown sen is out today
  106. Metal Slug X TAS in 18 minutes
  107. King of Fighters 13 Intro Cinematic
  108. PS2 KOF2002 Ultimate Match Tougeki
  109. Facebookers: Think you're cool?
  110. NeoGeo Heroes Ultimate Shooting
  111. SNK Resume Neo Geo Repairs
  113. Metal Slug XX (XBLA) - May 19th
  114. NeoGeo Battle Coliseum (XBLA) - June 9th
  115. NeoGeo Save Data Added in Latest PSP Firmware
  116. NGFUsa.com final firesale? (a.k.a. NGF: The Dying Whimper)
  117. KOF XIII News from Ingnition Entertainment
  118. NeoGeo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting Update (Now With 20% More Pulstar)
  119. No more shockboxes..... EDIT -Back in Stock-
  120. Arcana Heart 3 coming to 360 & PS3
  121. New Last Blade Game Out NOW
  122. KOF 2002 UM & KOF Sky Stage (XBLA) Delayed to Autumn 2010
  123. Samurai Shodown 3 listed for Virtual Console
  124. YM2149 gets new life
  125. Custom games?
  126. SNKP's Sinking Credibilty News Thread
  127. Neo-Geo Podcast - All Gen Gamers Episode #5
  128. KOF: Sky Stage XBLA Release Date Info
  129. Taito Announces Arcade Download System
  130. SNKP President Steps Down
  131. KOF 13 Home Versions Wish List
  132. Magical Drop F to be released on PSN today.
  133. KOF XIII Arcade Update 1
  134. King Of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match 360
  136. Trouble Witches NEO
  137. Neo-Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting PSP Coming To America
  138. Spinmaster now out on Wii Virtual Console in Europe! :)
  139. Money Idol Exchanger, today on PSN.
  140. New neogeo game aes ?
  141. Japan Post no longer air mailing pkgs over 1 lb to US; FedEx, UPS, DHL not affected
  142. SNKP Releases Neo Geo USB Pad For PS3
  143. NeoGeo Pad USB
  144. Neo Geo Stick 2 (USB Controller)
  145. Sam Sho Sen: $11.99
  146. RisingStuff.com store shutting down -- a few AES titles for cheap
  147. What is it like to work for SNKP...
  148. Hard plastic blisterpack neo-geo cd game ???
  149. MCS Arcade Reproduction 2/4/6 slot covers!
  150. KoF Producer Leaves SNKP and President Wants to Shut Down Video Game Division
  151. Gun Lord - Another new game by NG:DEV Team
  152. Am I late to the Party, can't believe no one has posted this yet...Neo Geo Tribute
  153. Arcade Infinity selling off their Arcade cabinets
  154. Zuppa Found
  155. Kof XIII street date ........finally!!!!!
  156. Vanguard coming to PSP.
  157. Hyper Magazine (Issue 210) April 2011 (contains interviews w/ Shawn & I)
  158. 1994 NeoGeo proto by VISCO: Puzzlekko Club
  159. Forum Update: New Video Tag is Videotastic!
  160. Polycount Brawl: Terry Bogard
  161. KOF XIII DLC?
  162. Posting high scores from the Neo directly to Twitter via Ethernet interface?
  163. Whatever happened to Metal Slug HD?
  164. ATLUS to release King of Fighters XIII this holiday season
  165. KoF XIII Port this Winter
  166. You got ghostlop in my magical drop!
  167. So what was the story of the MVS release of SvC?
  168. Magical Drop V by Gogolith Studio
  169. The Holy Grail - Released To You: The Secrets of the Neo-Geo UNLOCKED!
  172. New press release from SNKP
  173. KOF XIII Hits iPhones
  174. New Neo Geo MVS Game The King of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus 2 BIG EBAY FAKE!?
  175. KOF95 releases on Japanese PSN Store. other region versions to come!
  176. KOF96, the ultimate SNK fighting game, confirmed for PSN! Trailer!
  177. Shock Troopers & Metal Slug 2 Coming Soon To Neo-Geo Station
  178. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
  179. New KOFXIII home port trailer showing even more new content
  181. Is SNKP finished after KOF XIII?
  182. New Samurai Shodown lol???
  183. Phantom-1 / Pranslation converter upgrade - Available!
  184. Shock Troopers and World Heroes this week on PSN!
  185. Real Life Metal Slug
  186. KOF iPhone Update Version 1.01.00
  187. Remaining XIII DLC characters revealed?
  189. The King of Fighters 96 and MS2 the week of 9/29 on PSN!!!!
  190. KOF 13 Feature & Review in 'NEO' (UK) Mag.
  192. What happens after you complete the Neo Geo AES Library?
  193. KoF XIII USB problem
  194. King Of Fighters Action Figures?
  195. Game Boy Advance version of Metal Slug
  197. Phantom-1 / Pranslation Upgrade Board v1.6
  198. Takashi Nishiyama 1UP interview.
  199. New Product - Daedalus NeoGeo Converter
  200. MVS Cart 138 in 1 vs 161 in 1?
  201. KOF XIII wins gamespots BEST fighting game of the year award.
  202. New NeoGeo Game
  203. Wizard Tilting Lible: The Last Odyssey for Last Odysseys
  204. Metal Slug dev article in this months RetroGamer
  206. New SNK Handheld [Official...believe it or not]
  207. Remember the Neo Geo? It might be making a comeback - CNET Article
  208. Neo Geo Forums Initial Initiative
  209. Treasure of the Caribbean test and interview
  210. KOF XIII producer doesn't know what to develop.... seriously? Make KOFXIV, duh!
  211. Aero Fighters 3 U.S. AES Discovered!
  212. Wii Virtual Console: Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge
  213. Return of the North American Wii Virtual Console?
  214. NCI found Warlocks of Fate!!
  215. Rumor next KOF will be The King of Fighters MMA Universe!!!!
  216. Neo-Geo.com has a Twitter Feed!
  217. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 coming to the PS3/360 this September
  218. "Trading cards" from the most recent update of KoF-i...
  219. Power Spikes II Dog Tag and Euro Homecarts Discovered!
  220. MVS Price Guide Overhaul
  221. A New NEO GEO Website Launched today!
  222. Vote! English Aero Fighters 3 & Euro + Dog-Tag Power Spikes 2 AES releases.
  223. NCI will product Andro Dunos on Neo Geo CD
  224. Disturbing email from: "Neo Geo Forums" i.vasketir@gmx.com WTF Is going on?
  225. New VHDL code with NEO-CTO function code: fix the scaling problems on Super MVS converter
  226. Blazing Star just came out on iTunes for iPhone and iPad
  227. Bang Bang Busters available on the Neo Geo CD
  228. Driver Man went to the DHP:
  229. Super Neo MVS Converter Fixed with ZMC2!
  230. The Reveal
  231. Meet the NGF team in Socal for your in-person KOF 2000 US authentication NEXT WEEK!
  232. The Final Chapter of the Fake Aerofighters 3 : I Need your help ( NGDEV TEAM, 161-in1,ETC)
  233. New polling on DavidG's recent and future exclusive AES releases
  234. Open offer to all owners of Aero Fighters 3 and Power Spikes II
  235. Open Apology to Community
  236. Why doesn't SNKP re-release their rarest games throught XBLA/PSN ?
  237. Open Disclosure to the Community
  238. Open letter to Dion and ChrisR.
  239. We havemade it to Fark.com :D
  240. Neobitz Presents "Knight's Chance" - AES Pre-Orders Now Open
  241. Announcing two new forum moderators
  242. Universe Bios 3.1 releaed.
  243. NeoGeo Station Sale on PSN
  244. New NEOGEO game: "NEO XYX" NG: DEV.TEAM 2013
  245. Forum Slowness 9/21
  246. Magical Drop V coming VERY soon
  247. Magician Lord... NGPC?
  248. KoFXIII free for PS+ members
  250. New SNK and Capcom figures on the way.