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Yantamu in the Nakoruru ADV game.

Yantamu (ヤンタムゥ) is a character exclusive to Nakoruru's CD-Rom game and the OVA based on it. He is the chief's son and childhood friend of Nakoruru and Manari. He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu.


Romantically interested in Nakoruru, he places her well being above her obligations to her village and does not take superstitions very seriously. He often has the misfortune of peeping in on girls undressing by accident, and has gotten frozen in Konril in a comical circumstance. Aside from tending to Nakoruru's needs, he spends time with the village's children and leads the village's hunts.

In the game, he proposes to Nakoruru during one of the village's festivals but she reluctantly refuses since priestesses cannot act for their own happiness. Undeterred, he tries again after he saves Nakoruru and Mikato from one of Mizuki's demons. The blow he dealt to the beast was shallow and it counters with a mortal strike. After the beast falls, Yantamu confesses his feelings to Nakoruru yet again before he dies in her arms. It's insinuated that he is happily united with Nakoruru in the afterlife.


A guy who wants to see a smile on everyone's faces. He is considered to be cool and attractive by the women in Kamui Kotan. He makes little to no attempt to hide his infatuation for Nakoruru.

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