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Young Mikato in the game.

Mikato (ミカト) is the character the player controls in Nakoruru: Ano Hito kara no Okurimono. She is Nakoruru's disciple. She makes an unnamed cameo in the game's OVA. Unlike most characters in the game, Mikato is an unvoiced character throughout the majority of the game and usually communicates with text.


She is a seven year old girl who was found near the outskirts of Kamui Kotan. While she seems to be a normal girl, she can see abnormalities and sense spirits that most people can't. The village chief and Nakoruru consider her as a possible priestess candidate. While living in the village, she befriends the village's people as well as the mysterious entity, Rera. As time passes, she notices the wildlife gradually growing berserk and Nakoruru withdrawing herself from others. While she learns the responsibilities of a priestess, she begins to wonder why she was chosen. In order to protect Nakoruru, she learned how to fight from Rera.

Late in the game, Mizuki and her army of demons arrive near Kamui Kotan. The village chief, after learning that Nakoruru lost her powers, reveals that the melody sung during the village festivals carries the essence of all of the village's priestesses. However, it is incomplete and can only be heard in its entirety by the next priestess. According to a village legend, the priestess who hears the song would wield the sword, Chichi-ushi, and cleanse the land of evil. Since Nakoruru's strength is weakening, he surmises Mikato to be the next destined priestess of Kamui Kotan. Manari volunteers to finish the lyrics she can do in hopes of saving her friends.

By the time Mikato learns this, Nakoruru had already left to deal with Mizuki. Mikato, who was gaining some divine protection from nature's spirits, follows her and tries to shield her idol from one of Mizuki's attacks. Nakoruru, staying true to her duty, takes Mikato into her arms and suffers from the blow in her stead. After Mizuki is momentarily beaten, Nakoruru uses her final moments to sing the missing words of the priestess' song to Mikato. Entrusting her essence to the girl, she then passes away.

Manari hands her the remaining lyrics soon after this occurs. Hearing both Nakoruru and Rera's voices within her, Mikato decides to sing the complete song -combined with Manari's lyrics and those formed from her heart- and becomes the next priestess of Kamui Kotan. With help from Nakoruru's spirit and Mother Nature, she slays the pursuing Mizuki. She continues to serve as the village's priestess into adulthood and wishes for everyone's happiness. Her childhood friend, Hokute, also seems infatuated with her at the end.


A caring and warm-hearted girl who loves others. She idolizes Nakoruru and treasures her friends.

Voice Actors

  • Yukiko Kano - Game voice
  • Miyu Matsuki - OVA voice

Game Appearances

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