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Template:GameInfoboxXtreme Rally, known as Off Beat Racer! (オフビートレーサー!) in Japanis a 3D off-road racing game developed and released by SNK for for Hyper Neo Geo 64 hardware on May 13, 1998.

Just like Roads Edge, each track features loops on both endpoints, causing a two-way road that can lead to head-on collisions. Up to four cabinets can be linked up for multiplayer support.


Game modes include a Trial mode to play just one track or Championship mode to race all 3 tracks. The tracks include South America through jungle and mountains, an Asia track in a Hong Kong style city, and a Europe city track loosely based on Rome. Each of the tracks have several short cuts and alternative routes.

There are 8 different vehicles to choose from, ranging from easy, normal, hard to very hard. The vehicles either have a gas engine or a diesel engine which indicates how they handle. The player can select the vehicle color and transmission type, either manual or automatic. During the game the player can switch between view types, either a behind the car view or a first person type view from the hood of the car.

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