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Template:CharacterInfobox Wild Wolf (ワイルドウルフ, Wairudo Urufu) is a character in The King of Fighters series based on Terry Bogard's appearance in Garou: Mark of the Wolves. On another note, Wild Wolf was also Terry's nickname in the Capcom vs SNK series.


This character is based on Terry Bogard's older appearance in Garou: Mark of the Wolves.


Terry's personality remains the same, although he has had a lot of experience, which makes him a little bit more serious.


  • Gather Chi - Terry can gather chi energy from Gaia, the mother-earth.
  • Sense - Terry can sense the presence of people nearby.
  • Energy Projectile - Terry can fire a projectile of energy called Power Wave.
  • Energy Attack - Terry can use chi energy to increase the damage of his normal attacks (punches, kicks, etc.)
  • Energy Geyser - By touching the ground with his hands, Terry can make a geyser of energy come from below the ground.

Fighting Style

Terry uses boxing, karate, kung fu, kickboxing and street fighting moves to create a very unique fighting style. He learned chi techniques from Hakkyokuseiken master, Tung Fu Rue.

In terms of gameplay, Terry has developed more moves up his arsenal and by the time of Mark of the Wolves, such as his Power Charge elbow combination; he also codified his alternate quotes (such as "Rock you!") that were put in use outside of MOTW in SvC Chaos and KOF 2002 onwards in the KOF series.

A majority of his moves have also been reworked (such as Power Dunk having a new animation), while others are removed (Round Wave is lost from his moveset). Another new attack that stays with his normal-self is his signature wolf-motif Buster Wolf. In Maximum Impact 2, Terry in this version also gains the Power Stream DM from 2003, as well as his original variation of Geese's Deadly Rave, the Rising Beat.

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