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The King of Fighters is a pachinko-slot machine released by SNK for Japan on April 28, 2006. The game's main attraction is the interactive artwork that occurs during play. The game was popular enough to earn a sequel, The King of Fighters 2.


The game roughly takes place during the Orochi saga. The player controls Kyo Kusanagi during the idle parts of the tournaments. Players will affect which action he does by their reel results. After a certain amount of time, Kyo will either meet someone on the road or be text messaged with an event (either a challenge or a bonus). This also gives a chance for other characters of the games to make a cameo.

If the person he meets is a rival, a battle sequence occurs. Kyo's damage to his opponent is solely determined by the value of the reel the player gets; the weakest will simply have him punch but the maximum amount will have him perform his Orochinagi. There are six challengers (ordered from weakest to strongest): Yuri, Terry, Leona, Iori, Rugal, and Orochi (secret). Weaker opponents will give the player more time to roll a higher point reel; stronger opponents are more fickle.

When a player successfully scores all the blue "F" icons during a Bonus sequence, the RT drive sequence begins. Kyo will start to ride his motorcycle across the screen and his actions are determined by the actions of the player; certain reel results will let the player see more cameos of characters. The main goal of the RT Drive is to earn a replay credit. The "50" icon that appears on the reel will end the sequence if the player hits it too many times.

Bonus stages take place when the player gets three 7's or after a RT Drive. During these times, the player will have to match the icon in the upper left corner with their next reel. Successful hits increase the likelihood of getting higher points and earning a replay; exclusive artwork for the game will also be shown on the screen. Even if the player fails at the stage, they will still be treated to bonus artwork of the female characters of the series.

Roulette sequences can also occur at random times of play. In Mai's roulette, the player will need to choose the lone "Chance" icon amongst the challengers. If the player chooses an icon with a challenger on it, they will have to battle the opponent again. Athena's roulette takes place after the RT Drive and it focuses on an all-or-nothing bet for additional points. Yuki's roulette allows the player to randomly select one of the possible stages of the game.



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