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The game's protagonist, Mui Mui.

Dragon Gal (龍娘; read as Dragon Gal) is a Japan-only pachislot machine that was developed and released by SNK Playmore in November 2004. The game is SNK's first original pachislot game that was made without Aruze and their second released slot machine. Either the main character, Mui Mui, or the game itself has been referenced in future pachislot titles.

It became a part of the mobile SNK Slot Panic i on May 10, 2010.


Taking place during ancient times in China, Dragon Gal is a kung-fu fighting experience for the pachislot parlor. The basic premise is that a legendary clan of martial artists was gifted with blood from an ancient dragon. Along with their earned power, the dragon also granted them a golden seal that would protect their pact and bring prosperity to the land. Centuries later, the family's treasure has been stolen by the Huu and Woo brothers. It's up to Mui Mui to catch them and restore her clan's glory.

The basic gameflow switches between Mui Mui normally traveling and various scenarios triggered randomly by the reel results. Challenges from enemy characters can also be issued by letter, after a perfect win from a previous villian, or through the game's roulette stage. Special battles, such as Syao and Huu, can only be found through these methods. Other battles can be triggered when the game issues an icon challenge that the player has to meet. For example, if the game's screen shows a cherry icon, Hon will be their opponent. They will need to get a cherry icon in their next few reels to defeat him. If the player rolls a "Chance" icon during their results, Lee may also pop in to help Mui Mui.

When a player gets a reel with a triangle of oranges -first and third horizontal rows have the icon on the bottom or top and the second horizontal row has to have it in the middle- they will begin the special Mui Mui Challenge. This event decides if the player will continue playing or prematurely end their game with a replay/bonus sequence. The goal of the challenge is to keep rolling the same orange result during the climatic battle that takes place. The challenger that appears during this scene depends on the stage Mui Mui is currently traveling in.



  • Mui Mui
  • Pui Pui - Mui Mui's panda friend. Appears to grant players hidden bonuses.
  • Lee - Mui Mui's fighting comrade. Will sometimes team up with her to finish certain bosses.
  • Paku - replay character.


  • Daibutsu - a giant golden robot statue. Depending on the situation, it will either assist or battle Mui Mui.
  • Huu - Eldest of the twin brothers. Teamed up with his brother to steal Mui Mui's family treasure.
  • Syao - Mui Mui's rival. She also seems to inherit some power of the dragon clan.
  • Pan - a giant panda that sometimes competes with Mui Mui for meat buns. Mui Mui's challenger in the Meat Bun event scenes.
  • Woo - Youngest of the twin brothers.
  • Kyu - character appears during bonuses.
  • Ran - represents the silver coin icon.
  • Hon - represents the cherry reel.
  • Fan - represents the bell symbol.

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