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Template:CharacterInfoboxMui Mui (ムイムイ; Hánzi: 蜜蜜; Pinyin: Mì Mì) is the main protagonist from SNK's pachislot game series, Dragon Gal. She is voiced by Namiko Otsu.


Dragon Gal

Mui Mui is the last successor of the dragon clan martial arts and a master of Kung-fu. With her ancient dragon blood, she can transform into her adult self.

King of Fighters

Mui Mui travels on a never-ending quest to find gems with mysterious powers.


She's a girl who's always hearty and hungry.


  • Superhuman strength - Due to her dragon blood, Mui Mui possesses superior strength and can easily crush large boulders.


Fighting Style

Mui Mui's fighting style is a basic kung-fu from ancient times.


  • Magical Sky - The King of Fighters XIV
  • Make it Tso ~Instrumental~ (A.K.A Yatchaina ~Instrumental~) - SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

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