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The King of Fighters '94: Rebout is a remake of The King of Fighters '94 featuring high-definition sprites in 3D backgrounds, a newer design layout, online gaming, and a new animated intro. The illustrations for this game were also made by Hiroaki. Most of the gaming mechanics and story remain the same as the original. Several characters in the King of Fighters series (as well as strikers in The King of Fighters 2000) also make anachronistic appearances in the game's new backgrounds.

Lucky owners could also collect KOF 10th Anniversary pinky figurines of Mai and Athena with their purchase.

In April 2005, SNK Playmore confirmed it was working on an Xbox version for a North American release, but this version was cancelled in 2006.

According to a recent interview, the overall negative fan feedback from these high-definition sprites lead to the idea of creating brand new ones for The King of Fighters XII.


The gameplay is the same of KOF '94, with some changes.


Note: Unlike in the original, the players can now edit their teams to their own liking.

<tabber> Original Team Roster=

Japan Team (A.K.A. Hero Team)

Fatal Fury Team (Italy)

Art of Fighting Team (Mexico)

Ikari Warriors Team (Brazil)

Psycho Soldier Team (China)

Women Fighters Team (England)

Korea Justice Team

American Sports Team (USA)

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Gameplay of Mai vs. Athena
Note: For this game, new stages have been developed. However, it is possible to use the original stages instead by accessing the game's option menu.
  • Japan — Hero Team: The Yebisu Garden Place, in Tokyo. Features Christmas trees, buildings, people and various ice statues. Depending on the angle at which the characters fight, various houses and the game's logo in a giant format can be seen.
    • Changes: in the 1st round, there is a slight snowstorm; in the 2nd round, the snowstorm intensifies; from the 3rd round, it is already nighttime and yellow lights can be seen throughout the stage as the snowstorm comes to a halt.
  • Italy — Fatal Fury Team: A ship sailing through the waters of Venice. Features houses, grocery stores and some people on bridges and in gondolas.
    • Changes: in the 1st round, sunny day; in the 2nd round, sunset; from the 3rd, nighttime.
  • Mexico — Art of Fighting Team: The Pao Pao Cafe. The fight takes place on a platform that moves up and down around the stage. Many people can be seen, including bartenders behind counters and several mariachi singers. It also features pictures of the original stage and of Richard Meyer and Bob Wilson, respectively owner and waiter of the restaurant, as well as master and student.
    • Changes: in the 1st, 3rd and last rounds, the fight occurs inside the restaurant; in the 2nd and 4th rounds, it takes place outside.
  • Brazil — Ikari Warriors Team: A helicopter flying over the Amazon Forest, with a platform. Features a waterfall, a rainbow and parrots.
    • Changes: in the 1st round, sunny day; in the 3rd round, sunset; in the last round, the forest is covered in fog.
  • China — Psycho Soldier Team: The People's Square, in Shanghai. Features people, Chinese lanterns, a staircase and groups of people dressed as dragons, in what appears to be a celebration of the Chinese New Year. The characters also fight in front of the staircase and, depending on the angle of the fight, buildings, houses, fireworks, and monuments can be seen. There are also posters with references to KOF 2003, KOF 2000 and SVC Chaos, respectively, as well as a promotional art of KOF 2001.
    • Changes: in the 1st round, daytime; in the 2nd round, nighttime; from the 3rd round, dawn and the stage is covered in fog.
Gameplay of Terry vs. Choi
  • England — Women Fighters Team: The Tower Hill Memorial, in London. Features the Tower Bridge in the background, fountains, people, birds flying, English soldiers and the iconic English bus.
    • Changes: in the 1st round, daytime; in the 2nd round, sunset; from the 3rd, nighttime.
  • Korea — Korea Justice Team: The Changdeokgung Palace, in Seoul. The fight takes place in the Nakseonjae Complex. Features two terraces, one of them sporting a fish statue, as well as people and flags with SNK Playmore and Neo Geo logos. Depending on the angle, the characters can fight near the temple entrance, in front of the terraces or near the flags.
    • Changes: in the 1st round, daytime; in the 2nd round, sunset; from the 3rd round, almost nighttime.
  • USA — American Sports Team: A basketball court near to the Golden Gate Bridge, in California. Features people, a container, a ship, an old train car, basketballs hoops, lamp posts and people, depending on the angle.
    • Changes: in the 1st round, daytime; in the 2nd round, rainy sunset; from the 3rd round, nighttime.

  • Black Noah: Headquarters. Features statues of bosses of the franchise, a control panel, pictures of Rugal and a hologram of the Earth. Also features a helicopter behind the window. Depending on the angle, the characters can fight next to the control panel or near the picture. Associated with Rugal.
    • Changes: in the 1st round, the place remains as is; in the 2nd round, red alarm lights start flashing as the place comes close to self-destruction.

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The following videos were included by Gamest magazine to celebrate KoF's 10th anniversary. They summarize the Orochi and NESTS story arcs.

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