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Tenhime saving Amakusa.

Tenhime (天姫) is a character who appears in the Samurai Shodown RPG. She is voiced by Junko Iwao.


She is Amakusa's lover who died fighting during his rebellion at Shimabara. Due to her faith and good will before her death, she was able to peacefully pass on into the afterlife. However, once she learns that her lover has fallen to Ambrosia's will, Tenhime will appear at the end of the first chapter to try to make him remember her. Amakusa, who kept her skull on a shrine, will deny her importance to him. However, if she is successful, Amakusa will realize the error of his ways and join his lover in heaven after his defeat. Should she fail or not appear, Amakusa will curse the hero with his dying breath.

Her success depends on the hero chosen and their responses in a Japanese Christian village. The protagonist needs to actively help their village's plight and be courteous to their hosts. Since Christianity was a forbidden practice during this time in Japan, the protagonist needs to agree to keep their village religion a secret from the government. Tenhime will not appear if Genjuro is the hero.


A mature and gentle spirit who wants Amakusa's salvation. Unlike her sister, she will affectionately call him "Shiro-sama".

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