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Ambrosia (アンブロジァ, Anburojia) is the Dark God of Makai (Demon World) Amakusa and Mizuki were trying to revive in the Samurai Shodown series. He needs both the energies from the Palenke Stone and Tangiers Stone to resurrect his body into the mortal realm. Developers state that there was no model in mind for either him or Mizuki. His name is derived from the Greek word, ambrosios, which roughly means "the immortal one".

Game Appearances

  • It is heavily implied Ambrosia is responsible for Shizuka Gozen's corruption in the game's 2019 reboot.
  • In Samurai Shodown (Amakusa's stage), Ambrosia had the form of an anthropomorphic, winged and horned being with a skull in place of its face.
  • In Samurai Shodown II (Mizuki's stage), it is symbolized by giant sphere with an infant child inside and eye symbol on the surface located in the background. When Mizuki is defeated, Ambrosia dissipates into a green fanged skull with purple glowing eyes and a symbol on its forehead. Developer comments insinuate that Ambrosia sometimes manifests itself in Mizuki's demon companion, Maju.
  • In Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden, Ambrosia appears as a being compiled of a grotesque mass of flesh, and is the final boss in the game.
  • Ambrosia and Mizuki make a cameo in a bonus stage for KOF: Maximum Impact 2. It reenacts Mizuki's stage in Samurai Shodown II.

Anime Appearances


  • Core - Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden


There are also many speculations about Yuga the Destroyer being Ambrosia because:

  • they arguably fill the same spot in storyline (as mightiest villain/demon from Makai (Demon World). They both want to invade and conquer the Human World, but cannot leave Makai.
  • they share the same eye symbol.
  • in Asura Zanmaden OVA, the cracking of the sphere encasing Ambrosia was shown as a symbol of Yuga's entry to the human world.
  • the sphere shows an infant inside it and infants were the key point in Yuga's preparations to invade in the human world.

When fans pointed out the similarities to developers, they replied that the two characters' relation to one another is unknown. Current speculation is that both of Yuga and Ambrosia are sides of the same evil force, with Ambrosia being something more abstract and global, while Yuga is a standalone individual "person" serving as a kind of avatar.



  • Ambrosia's name may allude to the American soft rock band with the same name, Ambrosia.