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Template:CharacterInfoboxSogetsu Kazama (風間 蒼月, Kazama Sōgetsu) is one of the co-protagonists introduced in Samurai Shodown IV who continues to appear in the series. In the 1997 Gamest Heroes Collection, Sogetsu was ranked the staff's 21st favorite character.


When Sogetsu and Kazuki were infants, they were found underneath a bridge. It's unknown if they are truly related to one another but they became ninja of the Kazama clan. In Samurai Shodown V, Sogetsu is ordered by his clan to defeat a powerful water-demon named Suija. After much searching, he encounters the demon and engages him. With the help of his younger sister's powers, Suija is sealed away in his weapon.

Sogestu, Kazuki and Hazuki were tasked by Genshinsai to investigate the anomalies caused by Shizuka Gozen. However, it was clear it was not Shizuka herself that was the source of evil. Kazuki's recklessness caused trouble for the village but thanks to Sogetsu, this was quickly patched up.

However, Kazuki again leaves the clan without notice, this time to save Hazuki from Amakusa's clutches. The elders of the clan order him to execute his brother. <ref>Samurai Shodown IV character profiles from the anniversary website.</ref> Sogetsu eventually finds Kazuki at Amakusa's castle and allows Kazuki to rescue Hazuki while he stays behind to fight Zankuro. <ref name=Story>SNK Playmore. "Samurai Spirits Genealogy". Samurai Shodown V. </ref> He slays Zankuro and returns to his clan, telling his superiors that Kazuki has been taken care of; in truth, he allows Kazuki to fake his death so he and Hazuki can run away. Sogetsu keeps a watchful eye on them in secret so they may continue to lead a carefree life. He continues to serve his clan, loyally following their orders and meeting his brother by coincidence from time to time, eventually becoming the clan's leader in Samurai Shodown 64-2.

In Sen, his leadership is retconned and he is only a candidate for the position. However, fellow clan members become torn at the thought of Sogetsu becoming leader, with one side respecting Sogetsu's abilities and the other being envious and distrustful of him. Genshinsai, the ailing leader, requests the youth to prove his worth to other members of the clan to dispel the conflict. Sogetsu agrees and is ordered to investigate the mysterious foreign ship.

In the end, Sogetsu discovers that he was marked for assassination as well, and Kazuki came to his aid, killing those who attacked him. Genshinsai wanted the Kazama brothers dead as the demons in their swords were lingering threats, but the brothers stood their ground. Sogestu openly rebukes his father figure for giving the orders to murder his siblings Kazuki and Hazuki. The old man Genshinsai eventually commits suicide in frustration, leaving in question the succession of the clan, though it is implied Sogetsu does become the leader later on.


Sogetsu is a stoic and reserved young man, locking away his emotions so he can serve the part of a ninja faithfully.

He values his family and loves his siblings and shows his care by sparing their lives and remaining distant. He quietly watches over them, careful to steer other members of the clan away from their locations. Despite saying to Hazuki that she is dead in his eyes, he never implied abandonment at all, knowing he has a facade to maintain to ensure all their survival. This is further emphasized in Kazuki's ending in Samurai Shodown VI where he helps his siblings reintegrate into their clan.

In battle however, he turns into a haughty and narccistically merciless warrior who belittles incompetent foes, but occasionally takes interest on those that pique his interest. This attitude is most likely the result of the taint from Suija, sealed from within his sword. He becomes just as boastful as Suija himself as Suija Sogetsu.

In moments where he and Kazuki face off, they would go out of their way to fight competitively, but never go as far as a deathmatch. Sogetsu knows he is clearly superior to Kazuki, but somehow senses that the latter has more latent potential than what is evident. He will never think of killing Kazuki, even if the latter dares him to, as seen in Sogetsu's ending in Samurai Shodown Sen.

His ambitions for power are never clearly explained though it is implied that he maybe driven by ulterior and personal motives, and a possibility using the leadership to bring back Kazuki and Hazuki to the clan officially. Should opportunities to be the leader of their clan present itself, he will rise to occasion and prove his worth especially to his critics.


  • Hydrokinesis: Due to his ninjutsu training, Sogetsu can control water. He can create it from thin air, create bubbles of water, deliver slashes with water, and create geyers of water. In some cases he can use water as an impenetrable shield against attacks.
  • Translocation: Using his ninjutsu, Sogetsu can move from one place to another very quickly.
  • Bunshin - Sogetsu can create a mirror image of himself and attack his opponent from both sides.

Fighting Style

Sogetsu, unlike Kazuki, has several long ranged attacks, most notable of which is his strongest slash attack. His power over water allows him to keep opponents at distance from both the air and ground level as he can raise geysers and throw bubbles to thwart their advances. In his Rasetsu/Bust form, later adopted as Suija's fighting style, he becomes an effective close to mid-ranged fighter, able to shield himself from attacks during jumps and splash powerful geysers at close range. In Samurai Shodown 64 and Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage, his ninjatō changes to a longer tachi. His stance changes to keep his sword unsheathed to hold it at shoulder level ready to strike.

He keeps this stance in Sen with his free hand used only for normal throws. He utilizes kicks and teleportation tactics to confuse his opponents.


  • Incarnation of Water - Samurai Shodown IV, V
  • Dew - Samurai Shodown 64
  • Reflection in the Water - Samurai Shodown (2019)

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  • Samurai Shodown Online
  • Samurai Shodown Tenkadaiichi Kenkakuden

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  • In early game design documents he was given the working name Sogetsu Hagakure (葉隠 蒼月, Hagakure Sōgetsu).<ref>Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection</ref>
  • When asked "The path of the sword is?", Sogetsu's response is "An efficient method to slay people." <ref name=SamSho>Official character profile from Samurai Shodown anniversary website.</ref>
  • When asked what his favourite type of mate is his response is "I'll consider looking around when Kazuki and Hazuki leave me for good." <ref name=SamSho>Official character profile from Samurai Shodown anniversary website.</ref>


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