Samurai Spirits (pachinko)

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Game's logo with Nakoruru.

Samurai Spirits, sometimes referred to as Samurai Spirits S by fans, is a pachinko slot machine produced by SNK's former partner, Aruze. Copies of this machine are somewhat rare after the lawsuits. The game featured art from Senri Kita, sprites from Samurai Shodown IV, and cards from the series's hanafuda deck.


Players control either Haohmaru or Nakoruru and can choose from either their Slash or Bust versions. The game's story roughly follows Samurai Shodown IV. Most of the gameplay contains mini-games and bonuses (for triple seven reels) that make references to previous titles of the series. These games include playing hanafuda, the dummy slicing game from the first title, and a roulette system that features other characters in the series. Battles are determined through the reel results with more powerful moves happening through higher-point wins. The game's final boss is Aku Amakusa.



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