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Template:CharacterInfoboxRick Strowd (リック・ストラウド, Rikku Sutoraudo) is a young Native American light-weight boxer from the Fatal Fury series. He first appeared in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 (arcade and console versions). He also appeared in Fatal Fury: First Contact and in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, both for Neo Geo Pocket Color. Rick is one of the new characters of Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, along with Li Xiangfei and Alfred. He was a candidate for The King of Fighters '99 lineup but lost to Xiangfei who was considered more interesting by the designers at the time.

He is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi.


Rick is a Native American who worked ten years of his life as a casino show boxer known as the "White Wolf of the Ring". Feeling stifled by his life as a showman, Rick listens to nature's voice and felt the wind calling him away. He leaves the casino with a promise to return before the casino's title match.


Although rowdy and maybe not too proper, Rick has a heart of honor, and respects the code of the warrior. He gets excited when he faces a worthy opponent, and gets incredibly disappointed when they are weak. He stays true to his father's roots and feels that he is very close to nature. Rick likes to follow life at his own pace and pays little regard to how others may feel about it.


  • Energy Attacks - Rick can deliver a series of energy-enforced punches.
  • Vacuum - He can create air currents with his punching.

Fighting Style

He fights with Boxing moves. His style is relatively fast and revolves around quick, frenzy combos. Many of his moves resembles Heavy D's moves from KOF 98. Later, Vanessa would show a very similar style.


  • Exceed the Limit - Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

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