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Template:CharacterInfobox Reina Takida (滝田 玲奈, Takida Reina) is an original character from the Days of Memories series. She appears in Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Fuyu.


Reina is a friend of the protagonist who attends the same class and school as him. Although she looks forward to attending the Christmas party, she doesn't like the idea of the prerequisite study group. Throughout the group's activities, she offers the quick and easy solutions so they can spend the rest of the day to play.

For their first study group assignment, Gato hands them a 10 year old and expensive looking photograph of a pretty girl in Chinese clothing. He then barks at them to find the truth behind the photo somewhere in town. Convinced that there are no other photos like it in the area, Reina and Hibiki Takane suggest to replicate it through an illustration. Since Iori Yagami could care less about the group's decisions, it's up to the protagonist to notion the final word. Reina's idea lands them a minor scolding from Gato regarding their quick entry but they pass. Their second assignment from Geese Howard has the group researching the hidden history between both Seiso and Haten High School. While Hibiki suggests that there is a darker history between both schools, Reina suggests asking the elderly folk in town stories about the schools. The group reports that the schools were originally a single facility, making the students appreciate both schools on a friendlier level. As their third assignment involves telling Nakoruru to stop running around on her wolf, Reina decides to use her skateboard to stop the wild dog in its track. They calmly warn Nakoruru about the weariness the wolf causes, while Iori tries to capture it and Hibiki wanders on her own to eventually cut it down.

Passing their third task, their fourth assignment from Geese is to find and defeat Gato. While Iori schemes to kill Kyo and leaves, the girls decide to find some tomyankun to lure the teacher to them. Reina suggests that there is some at their cafeteria, but both she and the protagonist instead use the time to eat to their heart's content. Since their results were less than satisfactory, they decide to search around town for Gato's whereabouts the next day and find him at the Seiso school grounds. When he charges for the group, the protagonist thinks that Iori will cover for him, but the latter got bored halfway during their search and left earlier. Defeated, they use the last day to decide how to defeat Gato as the protagonist doesn't stand a chance against the kung fu master. Reina decides to use Kyo Kusanagi to help them. At first, Kyo refuses until Reina teases that she'll tell Yuki that he was being "a little too close" to other girls. To avoid facing a mad Yuki, an invigorated Kyo defeats Gato for them and they finish their last assignment.

Taking Reina to the party, the protagonist is glad to be with someone he is already familiar with rather than a complete stranger. When she runs off to help herself to refreshments, the protagonist greets Rose and Adelheid Bernstein. Noticing that the playboy protagonist and the voluptuous Reina have come as couple, Rose taunts that they make a despicable yet fitting pair. While Rose continues to believe that the protagonist only wants Reina's body, he defends her and says that he honestly likes her character. Rose stomps away with her pride insulted and Adelheid asks the protagonist if he knows Reina's sudden change from the previous year. He isn't aware of the incident and Adelheid suggests that he ask Kyo about it in more detail. Having overheard the protagonist saying that he likes her personality, Reina returns blushing. As Adelheid excuses himself, the protagonist confesses liking her and they agree to date one another.

During the party, Joe Higashi congratulates them being a couple and tells them to kiss. While the protagonist is up for the offer, Reina takes the sudden gesture seriously and is offended by his hasty answer. She questions if he really likes her or understands her feelings on the matter. When she leaves him to mull over her words, Kyo appears to see what's wrong with him. Remembering what Adelheid said, the protagonist asks about what happened to Reina the previous year. It turns out that she had her heart crushed by someone and has started hanging around and acting like a guy to forget the pain. He asks her about it when he finds her at the party, but she is possessed around this time by Mizuki, who forces herself on to him in a private room. Nakoruru arrives to rescue him from losing his soul and they defeat the monster together. With Reina's heart saved, they continue their high school days together.


A tomboy who likes to roughhouse and play sports like other boys, she acts as the "guy friend" for the player. She can talk about practically anything with him. She won't hesitate to smack his arm as a form of encouragement. Always wanting to find something new to learn, she likes to chat with students from both schools whenever they have the time off. Reina is normally straightforward and honest, and she doesn't agree with Rose's high-and-mighty attitude as it demeans other classmates. She loves to eat and has a curvy and healthy body as a result. At one point, she makes the protagonist cook a meal for her, offering a joking "look-but-don't-touch service" for her body.

While she unintentionally gives the impression that she has several boyfriends, Reina is actually shy with romantic matters and hasn't actively pursued them. She knows that she isn't the ideal type of girl most guys look for and is happy when the protagonist sees her better traits. Reina usually respects the protagonist as her friend and lover, but she is insulted by his neediness for girls and sometimes calls him a "lame pervert".


  • Clap-step - Days of Memories

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