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Template:CharacterInfobox Rose Bernstein (ローズ・バーンシュタイン, Rōzu Bānshutain) is a character from the The King of Fighters series, where she is a tagalong character with her older brother Adelheid.

She is voiced by Kazuyo Inosako.


Being the daughter of the powerful Rugal Bernstein, Rose was born to win. She, alongside her older brother Adelheid, control the Sky Noah, a ship that was based on Rugal's Black Noah. She and her brother were the hosts of The King of Fighters 2003. She watched Adelheid fight while playing the piano, but he was defeated by the Ikari Warriors team (according to the manual, Adelheid was defeated by K', Maxima and Whip). She didn't want to release the winners, but Adelheid's sportsmanship told her to release them, since they won fair and square.

The next tournament, she joins Adelheid in his search for strong fighters and once again the hosts of the XI tournament. She eventually stops his battles just to speak with her brother or taunt his enemy. She is actually being controlled by Botan to host this tournament and is still under her sway to host the XIII tournament. After Saiki has his existence erased, Rose is free and seems to not remember Botan's manipulations as she announces the winning team of the XIII tournament.


Rose is the daughter of Rugal and has an overpowering sense of pride and high-handedness. She's also selfish and moody. If things don't go her way, watch out. Rose is the classic and "sophisticated" girl in the game.

Rose idolizes her older brother Adelheid and is devoted to him. She shares her father's violent temper, but despite this and her arrogance, she isn't actually evil. She is a skilled piano player and, much like her father, owns a panther. She normally simply tags along with her older brother, but she is the host of KOF XIII.

Fighting Style

Rose does not fight. However, in an interview with Fighters Front Line, Nona stated that she seems to inherit her family's fighting prowess through her skills in fencing.


  • Management - Together with her older brother, they manage and operate the Sky Noah.
  • Public Relations - Similar to her father's skill, Rose also holds influences, albeit in a far more friendly manner, being dubbed as a "media darling". She's somewhat a showgirl too.
    • Charisma - Through her own sheer personality, she can easily capture the hearts of people and readily influence them, as seen in KOF XIII.
  • Fencing - While she is yet to be seen as a fighter, she apparently knows some fighting through this particular sport.
  • Piano - As seen in KOF2003, she is a skilled piano player, having played a piece as her older brother fought.

It is not clear if her ability to organize a tournament was because of her own abilities or because of Botan's influence.


  • Revolutionary Etude - The King of Fighters 2003 (Shared with her older brother)
  • King - The King of Fighters XI (Shared with her older brother)
  • Beautiful Flowering Melody - Days of Memories (Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Fuyu)

Game Appearances

Mobile Appearances

  • Days of Memories (sixth and ninth title) - unplayable; pictured as Ninon's doll in the sixth
  • SNK Gals Island Dennou Freecell Ote Yawarakani
  • SNK Gals Island Beauty Dungeon Mimi to Kimashita!
  • SNK Dream Battle
  • SNK High School Collection
  • Kimi wa Hero - Secret Report #238

Cameo Appearances

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