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Template:CharacterInfoboxNicola Zaza (ニコラ・ザザ, Nikora Zaza, Cyrilic: Никола Заза) is a character who is introduced in Savage Reign. He is voiced by Kana Ohshima who also voiced Carol Stanzack.


Nicola is one of the two twin sons of the "Zaza Company" president, with the other one being named Bakula. Working together with Bakula, the two of them create an experimental power suit, with Nicola himself deciding to test the suit's full capabilities out in King Leo's Battle of the Beast God Tournament. In Nicola's ending, Bakula gets mad at him for claiming all the credit in creating the power suit. The two of them then start fighting against each other childishly until the power suit that Nicola wears breaks down and falls apart, causing him to cry. Bakula then apologizes to Nicola and tells him that they can work together in creating a new power suit, with Nicola agreeing on Bakula's idea.


Like all children his age, Nicola doesn't like to be treated as a kid. He's very talented, but he sometimes lets his arrogance get the best of him.


  • Intelligence: Nicola is a child genius with a 600 IQ
  • Generate shield: Nicola can use his suit to surround himself in a transparent, protective barrier of energy

Fighting Style

He relies on his suit to help him fight. He can slide on his frisbee to charge at opponents and throw it to keep them at bay.

Cultural References

Nicola's name was probably inspired by Serbian physicist Nikola Tesla.


  • Awa Awa - Savage Reign

Game Appearances

Cameo Appearances


  • Bakula's appearance in Nicola's ending shows him as being a palette swap of Nicola himself.




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