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Template:CharacterInfobox King Leo, known as "The Real King Lion" (真・獅子王, Shin Shishiou) in Japan, is the main antagonist of the Savage Reign series. He is voiced by John Hulaton and Kōji Suidzu.


He is a legendary fighter who got bored of the fighting circuit and silently disappeared from within the darkness of secrecy. Upon returning back to the public, King Leo decided to host and sponsor the Battle of the Beast God tournaments in the Savage Reign series to prove his strength to worthy opponents. To distract the competition, he also raised an impostor of himself named King Lion so that he can test out his challengers and see if they have what it takes to battle against him from within their own given time and accord. He was unstoppable until he was defeated by Hayate and later Jyazu.


He is prideful and confident in his "perfect" record of victories. His pride and desire to win keep him from being truly defeated. Even when he has suffered fatal wounds, King Leo will rise again and never surrender to the victors.


  • Energy Attacks: King Leo can infuse his weapon, punches and kicks with ki energy. His sword will sometimes project the image of a lion.
  • Sense: King Leo can sense the presence of his opponets
  • Hurricane Attack: He can create a small hurricane with a slash of his sword.
  • Thunder: He can summon several thunderbolts from the sky with his sword.
  • Multiply Weapon: He can create an energy copy of his sword.

Fighting Style

He fights with a broadsword and his own version of boxing. When he first appeared in Savage Reign, he looked and fought exactly the same as his imposter, King Lion. However, he has a second form that he enters once he's defeated with golden armor and a blue mantle. While fighting in this form, he is faster and stronger than before.


  • Don't Make Me Angry - Savage Reign
  • I'm Angry! - Savage Reign
  • Don't You Understand? - Savage Reign
  • Shishio-kun - Kizuna Encounter
  • Apparition 1, 3 - Kizuna Encounter
  • Understand Don't You ~ King Leo - Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

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