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Template:GameInfoboxTemplate:Nihongo is a shooting game developed by SNK Playmore for the PlayStation Portable. It was released in Japan on July 29th 2010 and in North America on December 7th the same year. Consumers who reserved the product early would receive a sound CD featuring the original soundtrack for this game, the arranged soundtrack for KOF Sky Stage, and other music choices from other SNK shooting titles.

The game plays, looks, and offers the same characters as KOF Sky Stage, but has new additions to the game to differentiate itself.


After Professor Brown Sugar tried to solve his personal dilemma for the greatest hero of all time, he feared the powers of his time machine being used for evil and kept it locked away. Fifteen years later, the evil organization Damned rises again and has already started to cause the world's collapse. The professor, wanting to restore peace, realizes that only heroes collected throughout time could hope to stop Damned. He therefore searches for worthy heroes to save the past, present, and future from destruction.


  • Players can choose to rotate action on the screen horizontally or vertically based on their preferences. This allows players to play their PSP in whatever two positions they desire.
  • A normal story in Story Mode consists of fifteen stages. Each story has multiple story paths and endings the players can now explore with each character. New stages have been made for this game as well.
  • Players can choose to test themselves in a Challenge Mode. Two known options is a survival mode against all the bosses, and a shooting mode that limits or tests the players for their best rankings.
  • Using wireless connection, two players can also stage multiplayer competitions with one another. The competition settings are the same as KOF Sky Stage.
  • Since the game features the same characters as KOF Sky Stage, an option to play the original KOF Sky Stage is also available.
  • The Museum Mode features profile information and artwork for each character. It also features a sound select and rankings for the players to review.


While he may not be playable, Professor Sugar Brown from World Heroes fame also makes an appearance in this game.



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