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Neo・Geo CD Special (ネオジオCDスペシャル) is an omnibus game released on December 22, 1995. It was created to showcase the console's capabilities for curious consumers by letting them sample six titles. The game's interface is staged as a class with a polygon Athena Asamiya as the mascot/teacher and the sampled games are the "classes". She was voiced by Masae Yumi, which is her first role at SNK.

Each game comes with brief directions for the characters or teams initially available for each demo. The disc also included information of other Neo Geo CD titles, a watch mode where a demo is set on auto play, a music mode, and "commercial" footage for upcoming titles. Extra easter eggs can be unlocked for the main menu when certain conditions are met in each demo, which adds an extra incentive of testing all six titles.


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