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The King of Fighters '95 was the second game in The King of Fighters series. It built on the foundations of KOF '94 by recycling many of the 2D sprites for its various characters, but also adding new gameplay features, such as dodge attacks (attacks that could be performed out of the AB dodge animation), which replaced KOF '94's defensive attacks completely, guard-cancels (the ability to cancel out your blockstun with a special attack or desperation move if your POW meter was full), Team Edit, which let you create an edited team of three characters from the game's entire roster, and a boss code, which let you enter a joystick + button sequence to enable playing the game's two bosses, Saisyu Kusanagi (Kyo's previously deceased father) and Omega Rugal, a powered-up version of Rugal Bernstein.

Characters that didn't make it back include Bryan Battler, Lucky Glauber, and Heavy D. New characters included Iori Yagami, Billy Kane, Eiji Kisaragi, and Saisyu Kusanagi. Original release date: July 25, 1995

KOF '95 is also infamous for its increased damage levels, which had the tendency to shorten matches that would end with attacks that seemed, to some critics, to do too much damage to begin with.


Fatal Fury Team

Psycho Soldier Team

Hero Team

Korea Team

Ikari Team

Women Team

Art of Fighting Team

Rival Team



  • Arcade (MVS)
  • Neo-Geo Home Console
  • Neo-Geo CD
  • Playstation
  • Sega Saturn
  • Nintendo Game Boy


King of Fighters 95 review by kensou


The King of Fighters '95 FAQ by Joe Palanca


To unlock Saisyu and Rugal, hold Start button through the entire sequence:
hold File:Up.gif and press File:Snkb.gif;
hold File:Forward.gif and press File:Snkc.gif;
hold File:Back.gif and press File:Snka.gif;
hold File:Down.gif and press File:Snkd.gif.