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Template:CharacterInfoboxNajd (ナジュド, Najudo; Arabic: نجد) is a character introduced in The King of Fighters XIV and is the winner of a character design contest promoted between SNK and Manga Productions.

She is voiced by Ayaka Fukuhara and is designed by Saudi Arabian artist, Mashael Al-Barrak.


Dressed in an Abaya, Najd uses the cover of night and becomes a vigilante to protect her fellow citizens. In contrast to her mysterious appearance, she is a college student during the day.


Being a small town girl, Najd's knowledge of the outside world is scarce and has piqued her curiousity. This is what would lead to her participation in KOF, wanting to put her skills to the test.

She is quiet and tends to keep to herself but harbors a deep sense of justice. However, unlike Kim Kaphwan, another fighter with a deep sense of justice, Najd's sense of justice is completely different. Specifically, Najd's quotes indicate she favours retribution and punishment over redemption and repenting for one's sins; something that Kim overzealously preaches and something Najd calls him out on by saying that she "sees something twisted" in his beliefs. But just like Kim, Najd can sense what someone truly is and whether they have any dark feelings inside them.


  • Umbrakinesis - Najd is capable of manipulating shadows to attack her opponent.
  • Ignore Weight - Najd can lift anyone lighter or heavier than her.


  • Successor - The King of Fighters XIV

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