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Template:CharacterInfoboxMax Eagle (マックス・イーグル, Makusu Īguru), usually known as Eagle, is a character from the Savage Reign series. He is voiced by Kunihiko Tatsumi.


Eagle is a famous and handsome wrestler who always participates in the main events of the wrestling circuit. He was always worried about his older brother who disappeared from sight years ago. He thought his brother was dead until he saw King Leo announcing his "Battle of the Beast God Tournament" on the television. Eagle enters the tournament to confirm King Leo's identity.

Convinced that the masked figure is his brother, Eagle participates in the second tournament to end his brother's ambitions. He considers him dead when King Leo is defeated during his ending.

The SWF is the same wrestling federation in 3 Count Bout.


Eagle is the proud and confident man of the ring. He deeply cares for his loved ones, growing somber when he thinks of his brother's cruelty.


  • Energy Attacks - Eagle can infuse his attacks with energy.

Fighting Style

He fights with wrestling techniques and his axe.


  • Chalalala Chalalala - Savage Reign

Game Appearances

Eagle's card in Card Fighters Clash DS.

Cameo Appearances



Kizuna Encounter

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