Mario and Mei

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File:Mario mei.jpg
Mario (middle) and Mei (right) in Daruma's ending.

Mario (毬男) and Mei (芽衣) are two secondary characters in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. They are Minto's friends and two siblings who reside in Ritenkyo.

Mario is Mei's older brother. He's an inventor at heart and was able to create Minto's weapon for her. Since he admires Mikoto, he left for the Razor Trio's hideout. He's one of the few men in the castle and isn't manipulated by Oboro's will. Regardless of his intentions, Minto followed him when she noticed he wasn't around the streets.

Mei is a timid girl who admires Minto's courage. She loves nature and is skilled in gardening. When Minto and Ran Po leave for Ryukyu, they arrive to see their friends off. They swear to someday meet again before they leave. Mario and Mei agree to live together in a peaceful village with hopes to improve the community.

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