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Daruma (陀流磨, Daruma) is a character who appears only in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. He is voiced by Shin'ichi Noda.


He is a care-free wanderer who was once a legendary duelist that single-handedly annihilated an infamous family. When he is in Ritenkyo, he acts as the surrogate parent of Ran Po and Minto. One day, as Daruma returns to Ritenkyo, he notices the deterioration of the town (violence, robbery and murder are everyday affairs) and resolves to assume his past identity to punish the roots: the Three Blades of Dominion.

In his ending, he tells the two children that it is now all right for them to leave for Ryukyu. After he sees them off and ensures that their friends are well taken care of, Daruma sails away on his hat and resumes his travels again.


Knowledgeable and keen for his age, Daruma is independent and well-trained warrior. He loves freedom, only wondering how many years he has left to keep it.


  • Power up: After drinking of a single sake bottle, Daruma's speed, reflexes and damage are increased.
  • Super Speed: Daruma can move himself at blinding speed for short distances.
  • Fast Slashes: Daruma can deliver several slashes almost at blinding speed and even faster while he drunk.
  • Ultimate Strength: After drinking a lot of sake, Daruma gains super strength for short period of time.

Fighting Style

Daruma fights with the hidden sword in his cane which doubles as his walking stick. He can drink a gourd of sake and attack his opponents with extra strength. He shares his fighting style with Haito.

His moves are named after various famous landmarks in Japan.

Game Appearances

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