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Macky and Pentell (マッキー&ペンテル) are two characters in Twinkle Star Sprites. Like Tinker and Linker, they are an inseparable duo who work together at all times.


Macky and Pentell are two treasure hunters who want to get the Twinkle Star. Although Macky mainly does the fighting, Pentell backs her up with her magic. In their ending, Macky's wish for fortune is thwarted by her partner's surprisingly loud wish for a ton of dolls.


Macky is the hot-blooded and assertive one who works hard to get her prize. Pentell is extremely shy and submissive, rarely raising her voice to speak.


  • Flight - Macky can fly with the aid of her magic pencil; Pentell can fly with the aid of her doll.
  • Magical Pencils - Macky can fire several pencils.
  • Doll Attack - Under certain conditions, Pentell can support Macky by sending replicas of her doll to attack their opponent.


Game Appearances

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