Tinker and Linker

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Tinker and Linker (ティンカー&リンカー) are two characters in Twinkle Star Sprites. They are twin fairies that support one another.


Tinker and Linker are two of the many servants in Wonder Land who serve the queen. They are tasked with multiple tasks and act as the bodyguards, mentors, maids, cooks, and housekeepers of the royal family. When they are not busy preparing one of Queen Memory's hefty meals, they are charged with being Ran's watch keepers.


Loyal servants to the queen and hard workers. They try their best to keep a good eye on Ran.


  • Flight - Both fairies possess the natural ability to fly.
  • Energy Magic - Tinker can fire magical beams energy. Together with Linker, they can fire a blue beam that can clear the screen.
  • Peach Fairy - Under certain conditions, they can send homing replicas of Peach Fairy to foil their opponents. They can also pit their enemies against a bigger image of her.


Game Appearances