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In this Korean name, the family name is Liu.

Liu Yungmie (柳 英美, Japanese: リュウ・ヨンミー Ryū Yonmī, Korean: 류영미 Ryu Yeongmi) is one of the two new playable characters introduced in Fighter's History Dynamite.


Yungmie is a young female Taekwondo master from Korea whose parents were both top-class martial artists. She participates in the Great Grapple in order to investigate her parents' disappearance three years prior to the start of the game. When she defeats Karnov, she is told that her father committed suicide after losing to Karnov and that her mother disappeared afterward.

In Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!, she participates in Chelnov's Great Grapple tournament in order to face her rival Feilin. In her ending in Kiki Ippatsu!, she becomes a tour guide who travels the world.


  • Pyrokinesis - Yungmie can infuse her attacks with fire.

Fighting Style

She fights using Taekwondo.


  • Yungmie - Fighter's History Dynamite

Game Appearances


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