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In this Chinese name, the family name is Liu.

Liu Fei Lin (劉 飛鈴, Pinyin: Liú Fēilíng) is a character in the Fighter's History series.


Feilin is a talented actress who wants to bask in the spotlight. Wanting to also prove her strength, she enters the Great Grapple tournament. She receives many movie offers in her ending in the first game, all of which she declines. In her second ending, she is satisfied that she is the strongest and goes to prove her talents back on the stage.


Feilin is a narcissistic and prideful woman. She believes herself to be the most beautiful woman in the world.


  • Energy Projectile - Feilin can fire a projectile of energy that assumes the form of two birds. She can fire them from the ground or the air.
  • Energy Attacks - Feilin can increase damage of normal attacks by adding ki energy to it.

Fighting Style

Feilin fights using defensive long ranged attacks. She wears an armored chest plate in battle but this can be smashed apart if it is hit too many times.


  • Feilin - Fighter's History Dynamite

Game Appearances


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