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Template:CharacterInfoboxJushiro Sakaki (榊 銃士浪, Sakaki Jūshirō), formerly known as Jushiro Tatsumi (龍巳 十四郎, Tatsumi Jūshirō), is a character who appears only in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage.

He is voiced by Kunihiko Yasui.


He is a former samurai that was once part of the bakufu government. During his service as a government samurai, he was mentored by Kuki and made friends with Jin-Emon Hanafusa. He fell in love with a woman samurai named Karen. The feelings were mutual but formalities and duties discouraged them from developing their affections further.

One day, it was predicted by spies that the princess was endangered by an assassination attempt by Oboro. As she bore a striking resemblance to the princess, Karen volunteered herself to be the decoy princess to lure Oboro in. In spite of Jushiro's protests, the coup was staged. Oboro attacked but his strength was overwhelming and he preceded to kill everyone at the site, including the "princess" Karen. Jushiro, who arrived at the scene too late to assist, was targeted as the main suspect of the massacre by the bakufu, earning his disgust and desertion of his samurai class. Since he was a member of the secret service who knew several critical secrets, the government ordered for his elimination.

He escapes from his pursuers to Ritenkyo where he joins with female warriors Saya and Rinka to form the "Atom Rebels", an anti-Bakufu group. Once he learns that Oboro was in Ritenkyo, he sets out to slay him. In his ending, he defeats Jin-Emon in a duel and spares his life.


A charismatic vagabond who would rather sleep his days away. His relaxed demeanor belies his keen intellect. He is very protective of women, especially with Saya and Rinka, and will immediately take action if a lady is in danger.


  • Built-In Gun - Jushiro has a gun secretly built into his sword's hilt, which can fire single shots.
  • Machine Gun - While his sword is sheathed, Jushiro is able to use his hidden gun as a machine gun.

Fighting Style

Jushiro is able to fight with a katana at close range. His slashes are good, but their execution and recovery rates are not when compared to other characters. While normally fighting, he is a mid-ranged fighter with moves aimed to take advantage of his opponent's openings. When Jushiro has safely distanced himself from his opponent, he can switch into an alternative, sheathed stance. While in this stance, Jushiro makes full use of his hidden gun, gaining access to several long-range attacks. In situations like these, his opponent will have hard time closing in the distance between them, and will most likely be shot to death.

The gun on his sword was attached after Karen's death. It was left at the scene of her death.


  • Fading Cherry Blossoms (サクラサク, Sakura Saku) - Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage

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