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Template:CharacterInfoboxSaya (サヤ, Saya, also written as 沙耶), whose real name is Sasha (サシャ), is a character who is introduced in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. She is voiced by Kyōko Hikami.


She is a foreigner from an unknown country, trained by her stepmother in Ritenkyo in the ways of assassin. She joins as a member to the "Atom Rebels", a faction which seeks independence from both the Bakufu government and the iron reign of the Razor Trio. She seeks to avenge the death of her family.

After the fall of the Razor Trio, Saya is confronted by a female ninja who claims to be a member of the Razor Trio called Benten, who is intent on finishing her mission of killing Saya's family. They fight one another with Saya emerging victorious. She urges Saya to kill her to complete her revenge. Instead, Saya spares her and decides to care for the rest of the orphans who inhabit Riten Kyo, leaving a proud Benten behind.


Saya is a gregarious and flirtatious woman. She acts as the sisterly figure for those in her village and Rinka. Although she acts flighty, Saya takes her missions seriously and won't quit until the job is done.


  • Boomerang: Saya can throw her weapons and they will magically return to her.
  • Assassin skills: Saya can use specific assassin skills, acrobatic moves, dodging moves, and counter attacks to eliminate her opponents.

Fighting Style

Saya is close-combat, combo-oriented character with the lowest damage output per hit in the game. However, she is also very fast and able to keep her opponents at a distance with her fast projectiles. As dual-wielding female character, she takes place of Shiki in the character roster. They share similar attacks but Saya's fighting style is closer to that of Basara and other ninja characters in previous games.


  • Fading Cherry Blossoms (サクラサク, Sakura Saku) - Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage

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