Jinbei Sugamata

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Jinbei Sugamata (菅又刃兵衛 Sugamata Jinbei) is a character introduced in Samurai Shodown Sen.


Jinbei Sugamata was a retired warrior, that one day, rescued Suzu from the sea. He raised her until she met Takechiyo and ran away. Jinbei now searches for her.


A hardened veteran of battle, Jinbei is a traditionalist who is loyal to his lord. He has taken a liking to Suzuhime and treats her like his own daughter, which comes into conflict with his family.

Fighting Style

Jinbei uses several long-ranged attacks to corner and trap his opponents and a variety of stabbing attacks. In some ways, he fights in a similar as Jin-Emon Hanafusa.

Game Appearances


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