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Template:CharacterInfobox Takechiyo (猛千代, Takechiyo) is the main protagonist of Samurai Shodown Sen.

He is based on the historical concept of peasant-samurai from the Sengoku period, the most famous and successful example of the practice being Toyotomi Hideyoshi.


He is a warrior-in-training who was once saved by Haohmaru when his village was attacked by bandits. He was then taught by Haohmaru in swordplay to become stronger. Like his idol, he travels the land in hopes of improving himself. One day, he was saved by Suzu when he swept ashore from his shipwrecked boat. Two months prior to the events of the game, Suzuhime runs away from home and he decides to find her. Though he finds it a bother, he agrees as the journey will also help him improve his swordplay and his code of honor.

After he vanquishes the villain, he meets Haohmaru again in his ending. Although he receives praise for his deeds, Takechiyo refuses to say he has gotten stronger until he beats his idol. Haohmaru responds by offering him a toast of sake.


A hot-blooded youth who is confident in his fighting ability. Even if he doesn't want to admit it aloud, Takechiyo really idolizes Haohmaru and works to someday be great like him. His habit of calling himself the "greatest swordsman underneath the heavens" (as well as inscribing the phrase on the back of his yukata) is a trait often seen by Musashi in fiction.

Fighting Style

Takechiyo is a slightly faster and somewhat weaker version than most of the power-based characters in the game. Along with quick bats from his sword, Takechiyo also uses elbow strikes and flying kicks to attack his enemies. He mainly attacks with mid to short ranged strikes

Game Appearances