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Houoh (鳳凰, meaning "fenghuang" in Japanese), also known as Houoh the Exorcist of Magic Star (破魔明星鳳凰, Hamamyōjō Hōō) is a character from Ninja Master's. He is voiced by Yoshikatsu Fujio.


Born with the gift to exorcise evil spirits, Houh became a talented yet ostracized exorcist. After he defeated a particularly powerful beast, he began to wonder why he was given such power. Once he hears of the demon king's return, he sets out to stifle his resurrection to power. After Nobunaga's defeat, he continues his journey to cleanse the countryside.


Houoh is a reserved and devoted individual. He believes highly in the Buddhist faith, even if he doesn't quite understand his powers.


  • Seals - Houoh can create and project various seals to stun or hurt his opponents.
  • Energy Blast - He can project a blast of energy from his palms.

Fighting Style

Houoh is a somewhat defensive fighter who works best by punishing his enemies mistakes with magic. His weapon, a vajra powered with mystic energy, is short ranged and hits multiple times.


  • Saiketa Shinjitsu - Ninja Master's

Game Appearances


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