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Template:CharacterInfobox Nobunaga (信長), also known as Nobunaga the Dark Overlord (滅界覇王信長, Mekkaihaō Nobunaga) is the final boss of Ninja Master's. He is one of many fictional interpretations of the historical figure, Oda Nobunaga. He is voiced by Masao Harada.


300 years before the game begins, he merged with Haoh, a demonic being. After he blessed Ranmaru with his blood, he continued his reign of terror until he was defeated by ten ninja. He walks the earth again, hoping to continue his goal of world conquest.


Nobunaga is the ambitious and ruthless warlord of Japan. Like other fictional accounts, he is plagued by demons and lacks empathy for the suffering of others.


  • Demon Control: Nobunaga has various demonic powers at his disposal.

Fighting Style

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  • Light in a Dream, rusting away / Kuchihateru Yume Ni Hikari O - Ninja Master's

Game Appearances


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