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Template:CharacterInfoboxHellstinger (ヘルスティンガー, Herusuteinga) is a character from Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer. His official nickname is Nobleman of Destruction. He is themed after alter ego celebrity manga stories, and music band promotional based comics, especially that of fan doujinshi and commissioned official tie in merchandise.


Kash is the eldest son of a talented classical music composer. His father is heralded as a genius of his craft and a master of his time. Since Kash was six, he was given violin lessons and practiced Johann Strauss's compositions until it was to his father's satisfaction. Kash knew that there would be no end to his father's obsession and sought an exit from his current life.

A year before the game begins, his family held a party in their earl mansion and Kash took a leisurely stroll alone in the garden to relax. During that time, he met a mysterious man who emitted a strange fiery aura. The man addressed him by name and told him that he held a stone of power called the Kaizer Stone. Kissing the stone and handing it to the teenager, the man promised that Kash's life would be reborn if he found the stone's rightful user. After the man left, Kash decides to take a chance and disappears from England.

Now seventeen, his life is completely different and nothing of his old life remains. He took an interest in slash metal and reinvented himself as the man had said. He was granted a power fit for kings and was able to change his average life as Hellstinger. During his ending, he saves Suzu Asahina, who idolizes him. He also makes an enemy out her twin, Ryo.


Previously a sheltered boy of culture, Kash is an outgoing and flamboyant womanizer of a rock star. He is happy with his new life and relishes the attention he gets. In the Japanese versions of the game and anime, he speaks random English words, such as baby or stage.


  • Fiery Aura - Hellstinger can surround himself in a fiery aura if he plays his guitar.
  • Lyneck Stinger - Hellstinger can throw his guitar to attack and then it returns like a boomerang.


  • Psycho Eyes - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
  • LOVE SOMEBODY TONIGHT - Hybrid Vocal Collection image song

Voice Actors

  • Hikaru Midorikawa - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer game and anime
  • Yoshiyuki Matsanaga - Hybrid Vocal Collection singer
  • Vinnie Penna - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer anime (English voice)

Game Appearances

Anime Appearances


Hellstinger stance