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Football Frenzy is an American football game developed by SNK, originally published on January 31, 1992 for Neo Geo arcade hardware. 

It was later released on the Neo Geo AES on February 21, 1992 and ported to the Neo Geo CD (as a launch title) exclusively in Japan on September 9, 1994.


The game allows players to pick from a selection of ten fictional teams to play in an eight-team single elimination tournament (for one player) or in a head-to-head game (for two players).

The action is seen from a top-down view of the field but with the players seen from an angled view. Before a play, the offensive player can select from eight running plays, eight passing plays and two kick plays (field goal and punt), whereas the defensive player cannot chose plays. The play selection changes over the course of the tournament, or depending on the position on the field in a two-player game. On running plays, the camera zooms in on a closer view of the field.

Controls involve a joystick and four buttons. The A button is the primary action button, used to hike the ball and to make the current player run faster by tapping repeatedly. On passing plays, buttons B, C and D are used to choose the receiver. On defense, the B button switches to the defender closest to the ball.



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