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Fight Fever (Korean: 왕중왕, Wang Jung Wang, lit. "King of Kings"; Japanese: ファイトフィーバー, Faito Fībā) is a 2D fighting game that was made available for the Neo-Geo MVS System on June 28, 1994. It is the first Korean Neo-Geo game and is the first game developed and published by Viccom (now known as Unotechnology).


The game plays similarly to other 2D versus fighting games. There are 8 regular characters to select from and two boss characters (the first boss character is only playable in two player mode). The object of the game is to win two matches out of three. Each character has a set of moves in addition to two basic punches and kicks. Players also have the ability to taunt others, but unlike games such as Art of Fighting, this has no effect and would actually leave the player open to attacks.

In one player mode, after selecting a character, the player must also select an opponent. The opponent order cycles clockwise according to the character select screen. After the first eight are defeated, the player must defeat Master Taekuk, the first boss of the game. After defeating him, the player is challenged by Karate Kenji, the second and final boss.

There are two bonus games that reward the player with points depending on how successful the player is. The first game is a brick-breaking game that requires rapid pressing of the A button. The second bonus game requires the player to break boards held up by trainers. Both bonus games were also in the 1987 game, Street Fighter.



  • Han Baedal (Hangul: 한배달, Hanja: 韓倍達, Katakana: ハン・ベダル, Han Bedaru) - The protagonist of the game who hails from South Korea. His appearance and fireball are similar to Ryu's, while his flying kick and rapid punching moves are similar to Ryo Sakazaki's. His given name is shared with Kang Baedal.
  • Kim Hoon (Hangul: 김훈, Hanja: 金勲, Katakana: キム・フーン, Kimu Fūn) - A palette-edit and semi-clone of Han Baedal, who fights in Mexico. His only original moves are his spinning attack and two different rapid-kicking moves. His given name and model were later used for Jhun Hoon.
  • Miyuki (Korean: 미유키; Japanese: ミユキ) - The only female character in the game. She can summon tornadoes and has the ability to pounce and scratch up the opponent. Comes from Japan.
  • Rophen Heimer (Korean: 로펜 하이머, Lopen Haimeo; Japanese: ロッペン・ハイマー, Roppen Haimā) - A bald German martial artist who can throw fireballs and perform different types of spinning kicks.
  • Magic Dunker (Korean: 매직 던커, Maejig Deonkeo; Japanese: マジック・ダンカー, Majikku Dankā) - A basketball player turned fighter. His projectile attack is similar to Terry Bogard's Power Wave, only he leaps in the air before executing the move like Yuri Sakazaki's. Originated from America.
  • Golrio (Korean: 골리오, Gollio; Japanese: ゴルリオ, Gorurio) - A fat islander warrior who can attack his opponent with spinning body attacks and a fiery anti-air tackle. He can also throw fireballs. Comes from Brazil.
  • Chintao (Korean: 칭따오, Chingttao; Japanese: チンタオ) - A stereotypical "Shaolin Monk"-type character who can strike with his hair and do a scissor kick. Born in China.
  • Nick Commando (Korean: 닉 코만도, Nig Komando; Japanese: ニック・コマンドー, Nikku Komandō) - A large masked soldier who can throw grenades and charge at the foe. Said to be based on Guile and John Crawley, considering his stage and the overall "American soldier" gimmick, however, his fighting style is very different from Guile's and John's. Originated from America.
  • Master Taekuk (Korean: 태극선사, Taegeug Seonsa, lit. "Priest Taegeug"; Japanese: マスター・タエクック, Masutā Taekukku) - An old Taekwondo master who is seen during the game's opening. He can stretch his limbs, throw fireballs from his legs, and slam his opponent to the ground with various leg throws. He is the game's sub boss and is only playable in two player mode. Comes from parts unknown.
  • Karate Kenji (Korean: 가라데 켄지; Japanese: 空手健児) - The final boss of the game but not playable. His appearance is similar to Geese Howard's Fatal Fury series look. He uses his tall stature to back drop, stomp, and triangle kick his opponents. Like Magic Dunker, he throws fireballs from the air but can send two projectiles at the same time. He can also pump up his body and charge. Lives in Japan.

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A spiritual successor known as The Eye of Typhoon was created for the Neo-Geo, but later became canceled and switched over to the 3DO and MS-DOS operated PCs.


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