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Eight Man (エイトマン, Eitoman) or 8 Man (8マン) is a 1991 linear side-scrolling beat 'em up released by SNK for the Neo Geo. It is a video game adaption of the manga series with the same name. The story and setting in the game largely remains true to series as Eight Man fight robots, cyborgs, zombies, and other futuristic machinery -although it doesn't feature any of the series's villains.


The game uses three of the four default buttons of the Neo-Geo. A is used for a basic punch, B is used for jumping and C is used for specials (or bomb attack). Pressing A and B together releases a spinning kick and holding down and B allows players to slide; movement is mostly limited to left or right. The first player plays as 8 Man while second player uses his crime fighting partner, 9 Man.

There is a total of four stages to play though and each stage is divided into segments to lengthen gameplay. At times, the game includes simple platform jumping. The game's unique level, a scene where Eight Man is constantly running at high speeds down a highway, is interwoven throughout the game.



  • Super Robot 005 (aka Five Man) - An android that underwent the same experiment as Eight Man. Taller and more muscular version of the hero who fights with a similar bomb attack.
  • Hurry Scuary - Formerly a scientist who implanted his brain in a large green battleship. Projects an image of his human self on a monitor around the ship's hull.
  • Kozuma - A human cyborg with a half-metallic appearance. Attacks with lightening bolts.
  • Cyborg - A large robot that nearly finished its construction. Players have to destroy its floating head.
  • Spectre - The last boss of the game, it has no official name. Skeletal and floating remnant of Cyborg's soul that escapes after his head explodes. Can attack with twin lanterns and a swirling fireball attack.

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