WTB: Last Blade 2 MVS - english label, serials intact - loose cart [got stuff to trade]


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Jan 17, 2013
Had this in my signature for a short while... thought I might give it a try here.

The condition of the label is not really important to me, as long as title and serials can be read. Must be an original USA Label though (no reprints/replacements please). I'm not looking for a kit.

Shoot me a PM if you have one you can part with. Tips on where to check/whom to contact are also appreciated.

Would trade in one or several of the following items, if you're interested:

MVS carts:
- Art of Fighting 1
- King of Fighters '97
- King of Fighters '99
- King of Fighters 2000
- Samurai Shodown V
- Fatal Fury 3
(Labels in various conditions, all USA w/ serials).

Furthermore got a NG CD pad which has seen very little use that I don't need and an untested but great looking Sega Dreamcast Arcade Stick.

If you are into comics, I have some Marvel stuff that I could trade. Also got some PAL N64 and NES carts I'm not attached to.

Get in touch with me for lists/pics of the items up for trade.

I wouldn't say no to a SSVS cart either, no matter it's condition :D