WTB: Entire MVS Kit Collections


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Oct 24, 2009
This message is for any long-time MVS Kit collectors who may be considering selling their entire collection in one lot. Within the past year I have started builiding my collection of MVS kits (which I actually do play and love). I am looking to improve the quality of my kits and the collection and I am blessed with the ability to make a lump-sum purchase should a long-time collector decide to liquidate their investment (and I know it is a significant investment - heck the right collection is probably worth as much as a new car). I would hate to see anyone have to part with their collection - but I also know that "life" just happens to all of us every now and then. I am not looking to flip kits to ebay and this is not a business for me - I just purely enjoy the Neo MVS kits greatly and am looking to improve the quality of my collection. Feel free to PM me if you are in the position of considering liquidating your collection. Thanks! D44