Would you get KOF 2000 MVS for $999?

Hello. Just saw it in ebay. It's a dutch auction and the guy had 30 copies of it, new. $999 is alot cheaper than $1,500, but what do you guys think about it. Will you buy it, or wait and get KOF 2000 for $300+ ?


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Ive got my preorder in at NCS for the home cart. *crosses fingers* If it doesnt work out then ill wait a year & pick it up on mvs cheap.


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Definitely wait. The game is not worth that uch unless you are putting i on site somewhere.... It'll be $300 or less in 6 months....



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I'll easily pass on KOF 2000 MVS for $999. Even if it never hits for home cart, it ain't worth that kind of money. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it true that NO NG MVS cart has EVER cost that kind of money, even brand new? What are they guys at SNK/Aruze smokin', coming up with that price? No thank you . . .


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Still, thats chump change for arcade ops. Maybe not domestically... but in Japan, where KOF 2000 is at #2 on the arcade sales charts, it will pay for itself in a matter of weeks.

Compare that to $8000 Sega of America is asking for Star Wars Trilogy, or the $20k+ for sit down Pod Racer...



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TOO MACH CASH for an MVS TITLE, even one as limited as KOF 2000. Remember, its only a game......



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I saw an auction end today for KOF 00 and it went for only 800.00 so I would say a grand is not worth any game out there. I wouldn't pay past 800.00 and only if you really and I mean really wanted it.


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I would wait on kof 2000 (it will drop price so fast it not even funny!!)

as a arcade owner i can tell you the game will not pay for itself! It hard to get people into the arcade any more due to most of the homesystems are better then the arcades!

wait on kof 2000!! in a year form know you can pick up a mvs version for under 250 dollars!)


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I agree that the only reason somone pays that much for an MVS is to put it in a unit hoping that they will make money in sales from use. Being the first to have the game where somone can see it in action. I think everyone here would pop a few quarters to try it out if they hadnt already (like me), all you need is 1000/2000 people to play and you made some good money. A year from now when it isnt making the arcade route guys money, you will see it on ebay for $99!