Why is Buyrite trying screw everyone?


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Hey do you guys know why Buyrite is trying rip off all the Neo fans out there? I mean 800 dollars for a system and Metal Slug 3 is rediculous. You don't even get the old style conroller. And 800 dollars for the Mark of the Wolves??? I payed 350.00 for it at Buyrite and then they raised it and kept on raising it just to see how high we would buy. If people would stop paying the outrageous prices maybe we could cut a break here and there. Oh yeah they also are selling some Neo CD's for 120.00 and up on some of the rarer titles. I don't know about you guys but I wouldn't pay past $75 for CD games. Thats my rant, tell me what you guys think.


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I agree with you, BuyWrong ...err... BuyRite is a joke as far as Neo merchandise prices these days. And someone will buy the MotW for $800 too.... There goes the low price guarentee!



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Ive heard enough horror stories to steer clear of them for ever. There service is extremlly rude. I tried to order once, but after being rudely answered on the phone I changed my mind.


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I know what you mean about the rude phone answering, I called and talked to I guess the head honcho there and I asked him what the price of a Cart system was and he made some shit up right there on the spot. If they ever give me lip though I just hang up on them, I don't talk long distance to Neo horders that are NOT !!!! the lowest price in town.


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Buyrite is a JOKE. They tell you to email them w/ questions and that they will reply to them, boy are they full of it! I emailed them 5 times asking about a NEO GEO HOME SYSTEM, and never got a response!
Heres their site in case you havent been there before. www.buyrite1.com



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No one should EVER trust the troglodytes who "operate" the shoddy video gaming retailer known as "Buy-Rite"; especially when it comes to their "lowest price guarantee" and their "pre-order" policy. I've been burned by "Buy-Rite" twice on Neo-Geo home cartridge pre-orders. On both of the pre-orders in question, they failed to honor their quoted pre-order price, instead overcharging me by quite a significant amount. I wouldn't deal with "Buy-Rite" unless I were extremely desperate for an item, and even then, I'd have some serious reservations against dealing with them. Caveat emptor...


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Yeah Buyrite is shit. I ordered Metal Slug 3 from them and paided for it with a US postal money order. They told me it will take 2 weeks to clear. I told them it is as good as cash because it is from the government but they took 3 weeks to send my game. They always give you the run around and bullshit about there lowest price guarantee. Also dont call them. Their message is so long that your long distance bill will be at least $10 per call. Trust me stay away from them.


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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like dealing with these guys. Anyone else had problems??? Another thing in question is there shipping options. I asked if they could priority shit and they said all they could do is UPS. No offense to anyone but I hate UPS. It is a fine service but it costs so damn much and Priority Mail is only like 4 bucks.


I agree with all of you guys. Buy-Rite sucks. They tried ripping me off a couple years ago. I ordered 2 games and they only sent me 1. I only got the extra game after I called and threatened to contact the Better Business Bureau. Also you got to be put on hold at least 10 times and ask if you out of state. I don't even know how they're still in business.

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I have to agree w/ you guys about the service--it's not very friendly, but they usually came through for me. I maybe a minority in this, but I think most of their new games are fairly cheap. I sometimes order from them, and they send the items fast. Once, they charged me no extra for first day air mail, instead of regular ground which I paid for. I still don't know why I got that deal. As for the older titles they keep on stock, that's a another matter. I wanted to upgrade my Neo Geo cd, so I once asked them about buying a Neo Geo CDZ from them a long time ago. They didn't even e-mailed me back. So, I made my e-mail more appealing for them , and then they e-mailed me. What the? The price was $800 dollars! I just laughed off. I really wanted one, but not at that price. It was like 2-3 years ago. I think they use the quote system to hear all the offers made to them by desperate Neo Geo fans, then they raise the prices.


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I think they use the quote system to hear all the offers made to them by desperate Neo Geo fans, then they raise the prices.

I suspect that Buy-Rite monitors the price of eBay auctions for the purpose of "pricing" some of their Neo-Geo items. If they see a game like "Pulstar" fetch a big sum on eBay, they'll try and push the envelope even further, as they did with the $800.00 Pulstar cart they were trying to sell a while back (I wonder if they ever sold it). This theory could also explain why Buy-Rite seen fit to charge $400.00 for new copies of "Metal Slug 3". Buy-Rite probably knew MS3 would fetch more on the aftermarket than it would at retail, so they decided to charge an "aftermarket" price for a new cartridge. Just do yourself a favor: steer clear of Buy-Rite when it comes to Neo-Geo stuff.


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I would not give any more of my penny to Buyrite.

I preorder Metal Slug 3 on almost the first day they start taking preorders.

It is $268. (about $275 total plus shipping).

On the day it is released, they hold the MS 3 home cart and call me personally that the price become $329.99.
It is due to the SNK USA shutting down and they have to import, bla bla bla... I know it is bullshit. I preorder more than 3 months ago.
But, I accept it anyway since I am also a desperate Neo fan to get MS 3 ASAP.
So the price become $350 total and I have to pay overnight delivery.
You know what happen. They ship it with the cheapest UPS Ground shipping.

It is about no way I will buy again from buyrite even I want to get their DC SNK vs. Cap. But, I decided not to. I finally get it (cap vs. SNK) from overseas for $45 outright.

Please Neo fans, Screw BUYRITE VIDEOGAMES.
If the buyrite give me back my $75 on MS 3, I might call it even and start buying stuff from them again.

Even for KOF 99, I preordered is late by at least 2 weeks.



Remember that sucky phone number:
I always just press the button to go to operator.
Don't listen:
Press 2, 272 and 1 or zero (I forgot; I write it down somewhere).
Before, you will be just around the same automated response and you are paying for long distance call.